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Knowing a Child’s Learning Style Improves Memory Skills

parentchildtalkgradeschoolMemory and learning go hand in hand.  Although the two terms are not synonymous, they are highly interrelated because in order to remember a person’s brain must first learn (encode) the information they will later remember (retrieval).

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How parents can help when sports coaches take on a Marine-like mentality

 bullyingcoachOn the front page of the March 8th Boston Globe is an article entitled “BU women’s basketball coach accused of bullying”. The article refers to Coach Kelly Greenberg who is in her final year of a contract extension.

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Try my 3-3-5 rule to help you get through the upcoming snow day

Valentines-with-PocWho doesn’t feel frustrated by yet another possible snow day? The forecast for Thursday is that snow starts between 7-9 AM, with gusty east/northeast wind. It will last well into evening, with 4-8 inches predicted.

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Co-parenting and technology overuse in children


Co-parenting is trying enough– but throw in technology management and it seems almost impossible. In fact, co-parenting with an ex and managing technology use in children- independent of each other- are two of the greatest challenges in today’s modern parenting world.

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Blended families make for a spicy and happy meal

familyeatinglargeWe’re a blended family although our parenting styles don’t always mix well. The dinner time can be an occasion where we’re more like oil and water than peanut butter and jelly. 

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From Dr. Kate’s Psychology Today blog: Children change when they feel connected and understood


 New Year’s resolutions remind us of how difficult it is to change, and our children are no different. As a child psychologist, I get daily phones calls from parents asking me “to change” their children’s behavior.
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Dr. Kate Dishes with WPRO’s Steve Klamkin on New Year’s resolutions and how to keep them


New Year’s  resolutions can be hard to keep but speaking on News Talk 630 WPRO & 99.7 FM with Steve Klamkin Dr. Kate Roberts offers some great tips, so listen in:  https://soundcloud.com/laura-clarizio/dr-kate-roberts-on-wpro-giving

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