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March Q&A: Diagnosing ADHD

teacherTrainingQuestion: My five year old son’s teacher told me that my son has ADHD. Can they even determine this and what should I do?

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8 Tips for Helping an Anxious Child through MCAS, PARCC

Stressed StudentStandardized testing has been used for decades now. First instituted in 1993, the MCAS (Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System) is the statewide standards-based assessment that tests students’ knowledge of the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. Back then it really didn’t mean anything, to students and parents anyway. Today our statewide-standardized test has a whole different feel.

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7 Tips to Help Parents Rock on Through March Madness and Spring Frenzy

mum-under-stressWe all know March madness as the basketball world of college tournaments and playoff games. But for parents, educators and most of all students, March madness takes on a meaning of its own. Unlike NCAA basketball, for those of us involved with children, March madness ends when summer begins and not a moment before. The world of children ramps up considerably in March and stays heightened until the end of the year so brace yourselves, parents!

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7 Tips for Modeling Balanced Tech Use in Your Home

r201210101132ea5982fd1d7ebbb89091ee2c693143cbParents today struggle with the ongoing challenge of managing their technology use while setting a strong example for their children. It’s a juggling act for parents to role model tech moderation while remaining accountable to work and other commitments through technology.

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8 Tips for Enjoying Snow Days While Managing Technology

techsnowStudents have missed anywhere from five to 10 days of school in the past three weeks and now they are have a planned February vacation with another five days off. For parents the biggest challenge is helping kids to remain busy and stimulated while preventing them from getting totally hooked on technology.

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Q&A: How to Respond to Complaints of Physical Pain

Girl-with-Stomach-Pain“My 11-year-old daughter often complains about physical pain. Her pain is often in her joints after sports or in her stomach before sports and school. We’ve had her checked by the doctor and there is nothing medically wrong with her. These complaints increase in the winter. Do you have any ideas what’s causing them and why they are worse at this time of the year?”

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8 Ways to Keep Your New Years Resolutions Now!

mindfulness-istock-prvIt’s been a month and already the New Year has come and gone. If you are like most people you’ve already broken your New Year’s resolutions.

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