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Giving Technology: 4 Tips to Guide Parents

kidstechnologyAt the top of many children’s Christmas lists this year are video games, iPads and computers. Technology can be an amazing, but potentially dangerous, gift that needs close supervision.

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Divorced Parents, Give the Gift of ‘No Drama’ to Your Children This Holiday Season

n-SAD-CHRISTMAS-large570-1Wouldn’t it be truly wonderful if there could be a truce on the hostility and anger that exists for many divorced parents during most of the year? After all, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year… or at least that’s what Andy Williams says on his famous Christmas album.

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Ask Dr. Kate Roberts: Sharing Your Kids on Social Media

facebook-kids-2Question: I see so many pictures of kids today on Facebook. I want to share, but I’m afraid to post my kids pictures on social media. Is this really safe and how much is too much?

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Celebrating The Holidays With Family Moderation And Gratitude

images-3For many people, the closer it gets to the holidays, the more their stress increases. The holidays are supposed to be joyful and yet, so often in our culture, the focus is on what we are going to get instead of what we can give to others.

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5 Tips for Managing Expectations During the Holidays

images-2With Black Friday come and gone and the Christmas advertisements everywhere you turn, it’s impossible not to feel inundated with the consumerism aspects of the upcoming holidays.

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Screen Time and Its Emotional Effect on Our Kids

screen-time-and-its-emotional-effect-on-our-kids-1-size-3Dr. Kates discusses how screen time can affect kids’ emotional well being P & G Everyday. Article by Leah Maxwell.

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9 Ways to Add Humor To Family Life

family-laughing-1With the crazy, busy schedules that exist in families today, people tend to focus less on having fun and laughing and more on 24/7 wired lifestyles. And yet having moments of shared humor is more necessary than ever.

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