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Dealing with Junior Year Stress

junior year stress2Dr. Kate Roberts disucsses the pressures of junior year and the college search for teens with Teen Life Blog. Article by Randi Mazella

The reputation of how demanding junior year of high school is can make teens fearful—with good reason. It is an important and busy year for students. But it does not have to be an overly stressful year with proper planning and the right attitude.

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Your Child’s Preferred Learning Style

kids learningWith school back in session, it’s time for our children to dust off those books and sharpen their skills so they can succeed. As they did last year, they will need to use visual skills for reading and writing, and auditory skills for listening. But just as some kids are right-handed and others are left-handed, most have a preferred way of learning, too.

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Learning Style Inventory

online-puzzles-for-kidsTo better understand how you prefer to learn and process information, place a check in the appropriate space after each statement below, then use the scoring directions at the bottom of the page to evaluate your responses. Use what you learn from your scores to better develop learning strategies that are best suited to your particular learning style. This 24-item survey is not timed. Respond to each statement as honestly as you can.

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Back-to-School: Parents, Take Care of Yourselves

back to schoolI can tell when the school year has begun by the piles of paper in the center of my kitchen counter that migrate to the edges by mid-week. There are permission forms for pictures, school trips, buses, school lunches, band, student council, event reminder forms, teacher introduction and expectation forms, and demographic forms; one for each child.

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10 Tips for Bully-Proofing Your Child Before School Starts

bullyAround this time each summer, many parents and children begin to get worried about returning to school and the potential for getting bullied again like last year. The summer offers a respite from school bullies, but does this break from bullying have to end because the summer ends?

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Easing your Teen’s Adjustment to College

o-LEAVING-FOR-COLLEGE-facebookGoing away for college is a big life transition for first-year students and their parents. While I remind parents that the alternative to going off to college is having a child remain at home into adulthood, it’s not an easy adjustment. Parents will feel loss and sadness, as well as happiness about their child’s departure from home and their success in the future.

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Helping Teens Deal with Summer Romance

summer flingDr. Kate Roberts discusses teen summer romance with TeenLife.com. Article by Randi Mazella.

The infamous song “Summer Nights” from the 1978 movie Grease sums up the allure of a summer romance—especially for teens. In the movie, Danny meets Sandy at the beach and they spend the whole summer together hanging out and falling in love.

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