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16 Essential Back-to-School Tips

Little Professor

No matter how well-adjusted parents and children are, the start of the school year is a time of high stress. Families have been operating in a slower gear all summer, and now the pace will change dramatically. Parents may feel surprised and even a bit overwhelmed when the first homework assignments, sports schedules and social calendars emerge, but try not to overreact.

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August Q & A: Summer Reading

boy-reading-outside-summerQuestion: Dr. Kate what are thoughts about allowing my child to listen to her required summer reading rather than read it form a book?

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How to Enjoy the Final Hurrah of Summer

Beach-Vacation_003By the time August rolls around it’s easy to feel panicked that summer is going by way too fast to meet all of your hopes and dreams.  Its statements like “Only 30 more days until school starts”, that can send typically joyous and rational parents and children  into a tailspin of anxiety and fear .

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Grieving and Parenting in the Wake of Tragic Loss

Grieving-and-parenting-Beloved community members Joseph Trustey and his 18-year-old daughter, Anna, were killed in a plane crash last week. Their sudden and tragic deaths have left the North shore community in shock and overcome with sadness and grief.


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Disney’s ‘Inside Out’ Offers Explanation of Emotions

Pixar Post - Inside Out characters closeupThe new Pixar movie “Inside Out” is Disney’s latest masterpiece for children and parents alike with a deep and powerful message that all emotions — positive and negative — matter. The movie is an entertaining and insightful 90 minutes of fun with meaning; pretty good for a children’s Pixar movie.

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Strategies for Teaching Children to Find Comfort in Discomfort

resilient-childThe importance of teaching children to tolerate discomfort in childhood is to help them become well adjusted, more resilient adults.

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Celebrate the Values of July Fourth with Children

american_kidsThe Fourth of July is a celebration of the ideals and values of America. Traditional American values originated and promoted in the writings and teaching of the founding fathers include duty, honor, economy, courage and service, love of family and country, and, above all, responsibility for oneself. These values are described eloquently by Tom Brokaw in his book “The Greatest Generation.”  

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