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Managing Family Stress During the Holidays

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 2.04.01 PMOne of the wonderful things about summer ending is that the holidays come fast, especially in New England. One day you’re wearing shorts and the next you are buying Christmas presents. For many of us with children, the holidays start with Halloween and extend past Christmas. Most of us look forward to the holidays with great anticipation. Children are especially vulnerable to setting expectations high.

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Helping Children Cope with Sudden Loss

imagesOctober 23 marked the one year anniversary of the horrific death of Colleen Ritzer, the beloved teacher from Danvers high school. Many teachers, students and parents are still struggling to accept the sudden loss of such a young, committed teacher.

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Talking to Your Kids About ISIS: Does it Help or Hurt?

140704-isis-music-cover-10a_31d581ed0a8c52e5a780b47e622d1d77The events in the middle east regarding the militant group ISIS are very difficult for children to process. How much should you tell your kids about ISIS? What should you say to them? Dr. Kate discusses this topic with Fox 25 News. Watch the interview here


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9 Tips to Make The Most of Your Parent-teacher Conference

make the most of your parent teacher conferenceFor students in kindergarten through sixth grade, parent-teacher conferences will be happening within the next few weeks. They are a great opportunity to open up the lines of communication between the most influential adults in your child’s life this year. 

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Ask Dr. Kate: I Think My Son is Bullied, How Can I Help?

 Bullying after schoolOctober’s Question: A Parent’s Concerns About Bullying

Question: Dear Dr. Kate: My 12- year-old son has just entered middle school and some of the kids I don’t know have been teasing him. His friendships are changing too, and I worry that he may be getting bullied and not telling me. What can I do to help my son?

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Preventing Bullying

6C7870095-tdy-130613-kids-bully.blocks_desktop_smallOctober is National Bullying Prevention month. The child anti-bullying laws, the rise of cyber-bullying and the media driven culture have raised awareness of the bullying problem in
youth. When most of us think of bullying, we think of school age kids being victims of bullying peers. The reality is that bullying exists throughout our society and is not limited to children.

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Talking to Children About Off-field Violence of NFL Players

ravens-rice-footballThe explicit TMZ video broadcast across the Internet of NFL football star Ray Rice knocking out his wife left no question of the brutality of that domestic assault. And the graphic images of scabbing on Adrian Peterson’s 4-year-old son who he had beaten with a switch made it impossible for fans to deny his violence toward his own son. It’s clear from these recent events that NFL has an issue with off-field violence. 

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