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Fortnite: Fun & Strategic in Moderation

Fortnite is the latest gaming rage and in my opinion the timing could not be better. Given the amount of time that kids are home for snow days, even parents who despise video games may be feeling somewhat grateful. Unlike the snow days of my childhood, when we were encouraged to go out and play in the snow, the rash of Nor-esters, with 20-60 mile an hour winds, make outdoor activities unsafe.

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10 ways to help children develop resilience


Parents often ask me, “How can I help my child to become more resilient?” Given that life is full of obstacles and challenges, teaching children to be resilient is important.

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I Had My Kids’ Technology Use Under Control… Then Came the Snow Day


Regardless of how much I try to get ahead in terms of managing my kids’ technology use, school snow days mean I’m behind again. Just this week, I re-instituted for about the fifth time a ‘no tech use during the school week’ policy.

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Parent Rap: 5 ways to build a child’s grit

Crunch time is here for students. Expectations peak between now and the end of the year. February and beyond are months filled with more homework, more studying, more tests and more stress.

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8 ways to help end bullying this month



Bullying is an age-old problem; however, after the shootings at Columbine High School, experts and educators began to recognize that bullying can have deadly consequences if not addressed.

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