29, Sep 2022
BendPak 4-Post Car Lifts


BendPak four-post car lifts are made from the highest quality materials and include exclusive features. This makes them a favorite among professionals and dedicated DIY'ers alike. These car lifts are also incredibly safe and feature advanced hydraulic systems for extended operation for that Visit Mechanic Superstore. Whether you're working on a car on the weekend or on a weekend afternoon, a four-post lift will help you get the job done with ease.

BendPak's HD-9XL four-post car lift

If you're looking for a four-post car lift with a 9,000-lb capacity, the HD-9XL is a great choice. Its runways are two feet longer than HD-9 models, and it also features optional casters, dip-trays, a jack platform, and CE approval.

The BendPak HD-9XL four-post car lift is designed for ease of use. Its low-profile runways and extended approach ramps enable you to load vehicles that barely scrape the ground. In addition, it can accommodate virtually any car type.

The HD-9XL four-post car lift has generous drive-thru clearance, a standard lift-height, and extended runways for optimal floor space. It can accommodate cars, snowmobiles, jet skis, and boats. It can also be rolled outside if necessary.

Its superior-grade stainless steel

The GP-9F four-post car lift by BendPak combines a robust welded steel design with proven reliability. Its four locking posts engage simultaneously when the lift is raised, and a backup locking system automatically catches slack if one cable fails. This lift has been built to last and is perfect for home garages. Its simple operation makes it easy to use and offers exceptional performance.

The BendPak HD-9 four-post lift is a durable, 9,000-lb. solution for light and heavy lifting. It features optional casters, dip-trays, and a jack platform. The HD-9 series includes seven different lifting models. The HD-9 is a versatile solution for your garage or workshop.

Its hydraulic cylinders

BendPak's four-post car lift features heavy-duty, aircraft-grade cables and hydraulic cylinders for smooth, safe operation. Its sturdy design and extra-long life mean that it will continue to work for ten years or more after proper usage.

BendPak car lifts are equipped with dual direct-drive hydraulic cylinders, which reduce the need for lifting chains or screw mechanisms. The cylinders also have a low-pressure design, which saves maintenance and reduces the risk of leaks. Direct-Drive hydraulic cylinders are preferred on commercial-grade car lifts. These lifts feature single-piece columns, oversize six-inch cable sheaves, and 16 individually maintenance-free UHMW load bearings.

Another important feature of BendPak car lifts is their UHMW polyethylene glide blocks. The material is known as the toughest polymer in the world and offers abrasion resistance, impact strength, and a low coefficient of friction. The glide blocks also keep the cross tubes centered on the lift, reducing sway and ensuring smooth operation.

Its drip tray

A 4-post car lift with a drip tray can protect the floor and the vehicle stored under it from harmful fluid spills. These reversible trays are made to collect fluids and protect the floor when you're working on a vehicle. Make sure to move the lift onto a concrete surface whenever you need to move it.

When you're working on a vehicle, drips and leaks are inevitable. Most materials and equipment are susceptible to staining from the oil and fluid spills that can occur during a repair. Drip trays protect the items underneath four post car lifts and are easy to clean. They also prevent overflow of fluid, which is good for your shop.

Its service program

The BendPak 4-Post Narrow Width Car Lift is an efficient electric/hydraulic power system lift that is easy to use and can maximize floor space. It has a single-phase, two-horsepower motor and can reach full height in 45 seconds. This lift is designed to work in areas with a standard eight-foot ceiling. The lift is too big to fit through a lift gate, and is delivered on a flatbed truck. For unloading, a forklift is required.

To maintain a dependable lift, you can schedule regular inspections with a BendPak representative. They are familiar with NASPO contracts, and will help you choose the right two-post lift.