8 Tips for Enjoying Snow Days While Managing Technology

techsnowStudents have missed anywhere from five to 10 days of school in the past three weeks and now they are have a planned February vacation with another five days off.

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Giving Technology: 4 Tips to Guide Parents

kidstechnologyAt the top of many children’s Christmas lists this year are video games, iPads and computers. Technology can be an amazing, but potentially dangerous, gift that needs close supervision.

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Screen Time and Its Emotional Effect on Our Kids

screen-time-and-its-emotional-effect-on-our-kids-1-size-3Dr. Kates discusses how screen time can affect kids’ emotional well being P & G Everyday. Article by Leah Maxwell.

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Face Time Vs. Screen Time: The Technological Impact on Communication

6417Dr. Kate Roberts discusses the impact of technology overuse with Deseret News. Article by Chandra Johnson.

Marc Brackett didn’t become the director of Yale University’s Center for Emotional Intelligence out of curiosity about emotions.
He got there after being bullied in school, followed by years of therapy.

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Warning Signs Your Child is At Risk With Technology

577134-7e5bccd2-ead4-11e3-bb45-046f3d36ad52This past weekend, two twelve-year old girls stabbed their friend 19 times to prove themselves to “Slenderman,” the fictional leader of a ghoulish website devoted to horror stories. The event has officials calling for closer parental supervision of children’s technology use.

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6 Ways to Manage Children’s Technology Use With Shared Physical Custody

makepop1-copyCo-parenting is trying enough — but throw in technology management and it seems almost impossible. In fact, co-parenting with an ex and managing technology use in children — independent of each other — are two of the greatest challenges in today’s modern parenting world.

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