Co-parenting and technology overuse in children


Co-parenting is trying enough– but throw in technology management and it seems almost impossible. In fact, co-parenting with an ex and managing technology use in children- independent of each other- are two of the greatest challenges in today’s modern parenting world.

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I Had My Kids’ Technology Use Under Control… Then Came the Snow Day

n-SNOW-DAY-largeRegardless of how much I try to get ahead in terms of managing my kids’ technology use, school snow days mean I’m behind again. Just this week, I re-instituted for about the fifth time a ‘no tech use during the school week’ policy. My intention when I got the boys their first Xbox was that it would be for weekend use only. Slowly, very slowly, we’ve migrated into tech use during the school week.

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I Text When I Help With Homework and I’m Still a Good Parent

n-DR-KATE-ROBERTS-largeI tried the screen-free parenting model recently — having a screen-free day in order to be a more present parent — and I was colossal failure. I’m a life-long multi-tasker, and I manage the multiple roles and responsibilities of parenting, work and household management with a typical 21st century, 24/7 sense of urgency. I juggle and prioritize in the moment, as opposed to following a strict online/offline parenting model.

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Dr. Kate Talks to NECN on cyber-bullying



Dr. Kate talks about teaching parents and their children about managing cyber-bullying

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Knowledge is Power When Defeating Cyber Bullying

girlcyberbullyCyber bullying is the use of technology to harass, hurt, embarrass, humiliate, and intimidate another person. Targets are the same students who are bullied in person; they are vulnerable, have difficulty reading social cues and they are often alone and socially isolated.

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Dr. Kate on URBusiness Network Talking About Kids and Technology

Dr. Kate UR businessIn Dr. Kate’s interview on URBusiness’ podcast MYOB (which can be found on their site here) she discuses problems regarding kinds and the internet in today’s world. The question is how do you keep you child safe online, especially when the internet is often required of children at an increasingly lower age. Laptops are now often being required in schools, says Dr. Kate, so how do you monitor everything.

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