Couples have to be the best they can be in order to be effective in their lives, including in their role as parents. Dr. Kate helps couples be the best they can be together, by increasing communication and understanding of one another

The Three C’s of Couplehood: Connection, Communication and Chemistry

images“The relationship is the foundation of the family, and so if people can have a really solid relationship, everything is going to work better in the family… the paramount goal is to have a solid partnership between two parents” says Dr. Kate.  Join Dr. Kate in her podcast to hear more about the three C’s of couplehood: connection, communication and chemistry. Click here.


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Parents Need to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Too

images-1Valentine’s Day is celebrated by couples across the country as a way to acknowledge their love for each other. It’s a time when couples decide to set aside other priorities and focus on their relationship. Parents are especially vulnerable to losing sight of romance and their love for each other when they are in the midst of raising kids and making family life their focus, often at the expense of couple time. 

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I Was a Flexible Parent and Then I Became a Step-Parent

large-getty-momtalkingtoyoungboyLike physical trainers who emphasize the relationship between strength and flexibility, I believe that strong parenting comes with greater flexibility. I developed a flexible parenting training program that I use when coaching parents in my practice. Where was that therapist when I entered the world of step-parenting?

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25 Tips to increase family holiday joy

familyatholidaysThe holidays are supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year. And yet, regardless of whether families are intact, blended, broken blended or single parent families, in reality holidays can bring out a range of intense emotions in people. Here are some tips to make things easier for your family during this holiday season.

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Strong Co-Parenting Can Help Build Romance

imagesWithout identifying it as such, co-parenting is one of the biggest concerns intact parents have. Many parents come to my practice for help regarding their children but then much of the time is spent discussing how they parent with different styles and their couples relationship. United parenting can improve a romantic relationship; after all you are working together on behalf of the children you created.

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Don’t always see eye to eye with your mate? 10 tips for thriving as co-parents

Effective-Co-Parenting-TipsAre you and your partner on the same page 100 percent of the time? For most of us, the answer is “no.” Co-parenting is one of the biggest concerns that parents have when they come to see me in my practice. 

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