Client Testimonials

“Kate’s insight into the varying personalities in my family have made her incredibly effective in getting to the core issues… Quickly… And getting us back to a place of harmony and working together as a team.. Instead of working  against each other. Every member of the family has benefited from her help. Working with Kate has decreased the division and tension and increased the quality of life for the whole family.”
Joanne , mother of two 12 year old girls, RN

“Dr. Kate gets me in a way most adults don’t. She gives me strategies to help my anxiety and she helps my parents help me.”
16 year old boy, Salem, MA.

“Within minutes of talking, Dr. Kate understood me and my situation. Since then she’s been a great help to us. Teaching easy strategies to take control and realign our family. Dr. Kate has been immensely helpful.”
JF, Essex, MA

“Kate was my ‘go to’ person at our school. She knew best what needed to be done to get the kids back on track and moving towards positive change.”
Former School Counselor, MERSD

“One of the most challenging decisions in my life was to take action in finding professional help with some of the hurdles that I had been facing in my mid 20’s.  People sometimes try to take the easy road and wait it out but I found that proactively getting unbiased insight was extremely beneficial for me.  After meeting with Kate a few times I knew I had made the right decision.   What kept me most engaged was her honesty and ability to open my eyes to the bigger picture.  I truly looked forward to meeting each week and I have grown more than I could ever have imagined over the past four years.  Whether it was a personal issue or business challenge Kate helped me always weigh out all of the options to make the best possible decision.  I would highly recommend Kate to others as I can tell you first hand it has been one of the biggest life changing decisions I have ever made.”
30 year old male, North Shore 

“Dr. Roberts treated our daughter through a painful transition with kindness, compassion, patience and skill.  Knowing we had the support and guidance from Dr. Roberts gave us the confidence in identifying the best educational and emotional environment for our daughter.  We are so  appreciative of her guidance and direction.”
Parents of a fourth grader in the north shore