Parents need to know the technology over-use warning signs

imagesParents: Warning signs that your child is at risk for technology addiction

  • A child asks to use technology upon waking or soon as he or she gets home from school.
  • Anytime there’s a transition in the car or some other downtimes a child wants technology. They want their device  and they can’t tolerate” boredom or anxiety that develops when they are not  occupied with technology.
  • A child becomes negative and belligerent for an extended period of time, when parents attempt to limit technology use.
  • A child begins sneaking technology or or lying about it.
  • A child begins working around the control systems that a parents uses on devices.
  •  A child develops  a tolerance and needs more and more technology to have the same amount of gratification.
  • Child adrenaline rises when they’re involved in technology game. This is different than if they’re watching a TV show. This is the addictive element of technology. It is not equivalent to watching a lot of TV.
  • You can almost see a child’s heart racing when involved addictive game. In fact, some children literally develop a sweat from the e excitement and racing heart.