Dr. Kate is a licensed psychologist who provides parent and child coaching. Dr. Kate  often works with the entire family for a short duration to provide the best, fastest results.

Dr. Kate’s specialties include:

Parents, technology and their children, including helping parents manage kids’ technology usage and when necessary, coaching families through a technology detox process. She also provides treatment for the new classification, Internet Gaming Disorder, identified as a disorder under considered in the  recently published, by the  American Psychiatric Association,

Divorced parents and blended families, whereby Dr. Kate speaks from personal and professional experience when she coaches parents on how to raise resilient children in circumstances of co-parenting, joint custody, blended families and single parenting. In addition, Dr. Kate  provides strategies for connecting dad’s with their kids.

Dr. Kate helps couples work together to regain intimacy and increase communication. Couples coaching is a large part of effective work with parents.

Helping children deal with tragedy, by helping parents help their children feel safe in today’s world. When a crisis hits home, parents often have questions about how to support their children. Dr. Kate gives parents helpful tips on how to aid their kids.

Dr. Kate addresses unique challenges that parents have as they navigate the world of parenting in the new millennium. She coaches parents on the art of parenting and multitasking. Today’s parents are dealing with a multitude of issues that previous generations haven’t had to deal with. Dr. Kate helps parents navigate today’s hectic environment and provides practical solutions for families with practical solutions that can connect parents and their kids in the most effective and authentic ways.

Dr. Kate is an expert at coaching parents on how to support their children’s’ sports lives,  while balancing home life and other priorities.  In today’s competitive world, it’s easy for families to  get wrapped up in sports and become overscheduled.  Dr. Kate helps families set the tone for the most appropriate  sports schedules and teaches parents and kids how to deal with competition. Dr. Kate guides families on how many sports a child can handle at once and helps them decide when and whether club sports are right for their child, in addition to town sports.

Dr. Kate is also a certified school psychologist and she can help parents understand special education issues, learning issues and what is right for their child. Due to fear of competition, parents are holding their children back from kindergarten, even when they are old enough to enter. In today’s fast paced world, preschool parents get mixed messages. Dr. Kate answers parents’ questions with data and practical guidance to help parents make a decision that is best for their child and for them.

Dr Kate believes that people deserve the best quality of life they can have. Dr. Kate has been practicing for over 25 years and knows the endurance of the human spirit. She has helped people change in the most difficult and trying circumstances by addressing their emotional needs in a supportive, safe, non judgmental environment, while offering direct, tactical strategies to help people manage and eventually change their behavior. Her philosophy includes offering targeted cognitive behavioral management techniques to help clients gain control over their decisions and actions. As a clinical psychologist Dr. Kate is a collaborator and partner to her clients.

 Dr. Kate’s practice services children and families. She works with children as young as 6 months into adulthood. Her focus involves working in tandem with parent and children to achieve the greatest outcomes in the shortest time. During the initial phase, Parents are asked to participate in a 1-3 Assessment process to establish rapport and identify problems along with developing a collaborative action plan. Parents and children then work in separate sessions with Dr. Kate  to restore harmony and balance to the home life and the child. Dr. Kate believes in highlighting client’s strengths and hidden talents and using these to foster positive changes.

 Dr Kate’s practice with adults, combines empathy with empowering clients to take charge of their lives. Clients who counsel with Dr. Kate can expect a thorough assessment to identify problems and define a specific action plan timeframes and goals to address difficulties.  Dr Kate is committed to helping her clients move beyond their immediate crisis and she helps them to address their behaviors that contributed to the initial problem.