One Size Never Fits All – Blended Families, Modern Families, All Families -Get Aligned and Comfortable with Who You Are

Families today are unique in their own way. The reality is there is still preconception of how things should be and most of the time it’s not how they are.  Come in for a Family Alignment Assessment. In two meetings we will determine what is working and what is not. Do your children want you to be different than you are? Do the neighbors have vocal views about YOUR family? We’ll determine what is important to you as parents and plan an alignment strategy for your family

Twenty-first century Parenting: The art of parenting and multi-tasking: Today’s parents are dealing with a multitude of issues that previous generations haven’t had to deal with. Dr. Kate helps parents navigate today’s hectic environment and provides practical solutions for families with ten tips that can connect parents and their kids in the most effective and authentic ways.

Being a Savvy Parent is a requirement in today’s multi-tasking, fast changing world where  parents feel like they are playing catch up to their children and not the other way around!  Are you a struggling parent who never feels in control? Do you have to say “yes” to connect with your child?  Is the word “no” the beginning of a major war? If you answered YES to any of those questions you are like me and most other parents today.   To manage in today’s fast paced, tech  driven world, parents need to live in the moment, while planning for the future. With Savvy Parenting, I have a developed a method to the madness of parenting. Come in for a three part  assessment after which will you will have strategy playbook  of in the moment solutions to everyday dilemmas.  Best of all you too can learn how to multi-task, keep up the pace and parent effectively all at once!

The Flexible Parent

Part of being an effective parent in today’ world is the ability to know when to be flexible and when to be firm. The Flexible Parenting model teaches parents how to be strong managers and leaders for their children, while maintaining their connection to their children.  Parents need to be effective managers of their children while at the same time avoiding power struggles. How parents do that is especially  challenging in a world where the parenting moment passes in flash and is often  interrupted by technology or the next place to be or an overdue assignment or an older sibling who needs to be picked up at soccer or a younger one with a dirty diaper? You get the point, right? Oh and by the way, your iphone will not stop messaging. How can parents be an effective parent and live in short hand?

Parents as part of a Healthy Couple

Parents are part of a couple as well. A healthy couple is able to parents more effectively than a couple who struggles to communicate and not working together to make the most of their life together and the family life.


Kate’s insight into the varying personalities in my family have made her incredibly effective in getting to the core issues…Quickly…And getting us back to a place of harmony and working together as a team. Instead of working against each other. Every member of the family has benefited from her help. Working with Kate has decreased the division and tension and increased the quality of life for the whole family.”
– Joanne RN, Homecare Inc