Speaking and Workshops

Speaking Topics:

Parents and Technology and their Children

  •  Detoxifying Your Family from Technology: With the rampant use of technology between parents and children, Dr. Kate helps families find the balance between tech usage and family time.  Dr. Kate’s tech detox program helps tech addicted children and families turn back the clock and kick their unmanageable tech habits for good!
  • Managing Kids’ Technology Usage: Kids today rely more than ever on technology for entertainment and Dr. Kate provides practical tips for how parents can structure their technology usage, taking a stronger stance than the current AAP guidelines. Dr. Kate’s tech management program helps family families at risk for addiction stop before true addiction develops.
  • Internet Gaming Disorders: The APA recently included Internet Gaming Disorder in the DSM-5 publication. Dr. Kate helps parents understand and recognize the presence of this disorder in their children and she provides treatment to address the problems now.

Divorce Parents and Blended Families

  • Strategies for Connecting Dad ‘s with their Kids: Dr. Kate speaks with experience on how Dad’s can parent most effectively during visitation and she offers specific strategies to make the most of the time together.
  • Yes, You Can Have a Messy Divorce and Happy Children: Dr. Kate speaks with personal and professional experience on how to raise resilient children  in circumstances of co-parenting,  joint custody,  blended families and single parenting.

How to Parents can Help their Children feel Safe in Today’s World

  • Helping Children Deal with Tragedy: When a crisis hits home, parents often have questions about how to support their children. Dr. Kate gives parents helpful tips on how to aid their kids.

Parenting in the New Millennium

  • Twenty-first century Parenting: The art of parenting and multi-tasking: Today’s parents are dealing with a multitude of issues that previous generations haven’t had to deal with. Dr. Kate helps parents navigate today’s hectic environment and provides practical solutions for families with ten tips that can connect parents and their kids in the most effective and authentic ways.
  • Children in Sports:  It’s easy for families to get wrapped up in sports and overtake their daily lives. Dr. Kate helps families set the tone for setting sports schedules and dealing with competition.
  • Is Your Child ready for Kindergarten? I today’s fast paced world preschool parents get mixed messages. Dr. Kate answers this question with data and practical guidance to help parents make a decision that is best for their child and for them.