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March Q&A: Diagnosing ADHD

teacherTrainingQuestion: My five year old son’s teacher told me that my son has ADHD. Can they even determine this and what should I do?

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8 Strategies for Dealing with an Ex- with ADHD

stock-footage-parents-talking-each-other-sitting-on-the-sofa-while-their-children-playing-on-the-floor-at-homeAs challenging as it was when you were married to your ex with ADHD, at least when you were married you could manage things and hopefully that meant compensating for your ex’s ADHD difficulties. Trying to manage your children’s belongings and schedule when they are with your ex who has ADHD can make the problem exponentially worse.

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ADHD Strategies for the Workplace

Office DistractionsOrganization of space and decreasing clutter

Use an organizer to plan your day or calendar app to keep on schedule
Don’t put things off, deal with them now
Don’t create an ADHD paper trail

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