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Parenting with presence: Trust your own instincts


Listening to Amy Cuddy’s new book “Presence (Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges)” highlights the importance of body language and the ability to display “presence” when parenting effectively. Cuddy defines presence as “the state of being able to comfortably express our true thoughts and feelings and values and talents and knowledge — so knowing who you are and being able to access that when you most need to.”

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9 Cool Parenting Tips to Combat Winter Doldrums

parentwinterWinter is here in full force. Just this week we had sub-zero temperatures and many schools were closed. My older clients have said that it’s not like it used to be when kids bundled up to endure the harsh elements. Today, many families justify staying indoors when it’s cold because it’s easy to distract kids with video games.

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Empathic Parenting Versus Rescue Parenting, What’s Better?

Family-picture-for-web-siteEmpathy is the ability to understand and share another person’s experiences and emotions. It is the ability to share someone else’s feelings.


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Dr. Kate on URBusiness Network Talking About Kids and Technology

Dr. Kate UR businessIn Dr. Kate’s interview on URBusiness’ podcast MYOB (which can be found on their site here) she discuses problems regarding kinds and the internet in today’s world. The question is how do you keep you child safe online, especially when the internet is often required of children at an increasingly lower age. Laptops are now often being required in schools, says Dr. Kate, so how do you monitor everything.

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Fox 25 News: Back to School Video Interview with Dr. Kate

Fox 25 Dr. KateCheck out Dr. Kate being interviewed live on Fox 25. She talks through the sensory overload as the school year begins. She offers sage advice on how to maintain a balanced schedule for parents and the kids by prioritizing what matters most to children.

See the full video interview here: Fox 25 Dr. Kate Interview

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