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10 tips for effective co-parenting



How well do you co-parent and what would your partner say? Co-parenting is one of the biggest concerns married parents have and yet often they don’t realize the impact their differences have on their children. Often times when parents want help with a struggling child, they end up discussing parental communication and management of disagreements.

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Mission Statement Can Help With Co-parenting Troubles

mission-statementMore often than not, when I speak with parents today, they describe struggles with their children that originate in parenting conflicts. Parents often disagree when making daily decisions, and yet, they are steadfast in their beliefs that they share the same values when it comes to child rearing.

Where is the breakdown, I ask them? If you want the same things, why are you having so much conflict?

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5 Ways Brain Retraining Inoculates You from a Hostile Ex

n-DIVORCE-large570For those of you that are divorced and who have to live with the reality of a bullying or hostile ex; one who refuses to love your children more than he hates you, brain retraining may be your way to freedom.

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6 Ways to Manage Children’s Technology Use With Shared Physical Custody

makepop1-copyCo-parenting is trying enough — but throw in technology management and it seems almost impossible. In fact, co-parenting with an ex and managing technology use in children — independent of each other — are two of the greatest challenges in today’s modern parenting world.

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No Offense, Honey, But I Can’t Wait to Go on My Solo Parenting Vacation

vacation-circled-on-calendar-jpgWhen I decided in October that I wanted to go away as a family this winter and my husband said he couldn’t join us because of work, I let out a guilty sigh of relief. I thought, I’ll get to take the kids away and still be able to make all the mundane, little decisions just like when we’re at home and he’s at work.

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