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Preventing Bullying

6C7870095-tdy-130613-kids-bully.blocks_desktop_smallOctober is National Bullying Prevention month. The child anti-bullying laws, the rise of cyber-bullying and the media driven culture have raised awareness of the bullying problem in
youth. When most of us think of bullying, we think of school age kids being victims of bullying peers. The reality is that bullying exists throughout our society and is not limited to children.

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Tackling Sibling Bullying in Your Own Home

6C7870095-tdy-130613-kids-bully.blocks_desktop_smallHistorically, bullying has been viewed as an act of aggression that occurs outside the home, perpetrated by people who are perceived to be threatening and mean, not the type that live in your own home. In fact, bullying behavior is defined as “intimidation or an attempt to have power over someone” who is perceived as weaker-than, either through physical aggression or more subtle social-emotional tactics.

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