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10 tips for effective co-parenting



How well do you co-parent and what would your partner say? Co-parenting is one of the biggest concerns married parents have and yet often they don’t realize the impact their differences have on their children. Often times when parents want help with a struggling child, they end up discussing parental communication and management of disagreements.

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Motivating children through purpose

Parent-teacher conferences are held this time of the year. This can be a stressful time for both parents and children. When parents attend these meetings and learn that their child is not doing well, they are often at a loss as to how to help their child improve.


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10 Strategies for Getting Homework Done Without Tears

Child doing homework. Sad girl writing, reeding

Although some recent studies suggest that parent involvement in children’s homework may be counterproductive, it’s likely that many parents will continue to be involved. My belief is that some parent involvement is helpful as long as it stays positive and productive — the homework gets done without tears and without conflict.

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5 Action Steps to Help Struggling Parents Go Through School the Second Time Around

HOMEWORKWith school ramp up here, parents need to step up with strategies for maintaining their sanity. If you’re like me and struggled with school the first time around, it gets worse when you have to guide your children through it.

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I Text When I Help With Homework and I’m Still a Good Parent

n-DR-KATE-ROBERTS-largeI tried the screen-free parenting model recently — having a screen-free day in order to be a more present parent — and I was colossal failure. I’m a life-long multi-tasker, and I manage the multiple roles and responsibilities of parenting, work and household management with a typical 21st century, 24/7 sense of urgency. I juggle and prioritize in the moment, as opposed to following a strict online/offline parenting model.

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