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Q&A: My 15 Year Older Daughter is Going to Prom with an Older Boy

Young Women Pinning Boutonniere on Prom DatesQuestion: My daughter, age 15 and a sophomore is starving herself in fit into a ultra skinny prom dress prom. In addition she’s going with an senior boy who she barely knows. I’m very concerned about the whole thing. Any advice?

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Helping Teens Deal with Summer Romance

summer flingDr. Kate Roberts discusses teen summer romance with Article by Randi Mazella.

The infamous song “Summer Nights” from the 1978 movie Grease sums up the allure of a summer romance—especially for teens. In the movie, Danny meets Sandy at the beach and they spend the whole summer together hanging out and falling in love.

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Strong Co-Parenting Can Help Build Romance

imagesWithout identifying it as such, co-parenting is one of the biggest concerns intact parents have. Many parents come to my practice for help regarding their children but then much of the time is spent discussing how they parent with different styles and their couples relationship. United parenting can improve a romantic relationship; after all you are working together on behalf of the children you created.

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