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Q&A: My 15 Year Older Daughter is Going to Prom with an Older Boy

Young Women Pinning Boutonniere on Prom DatesQuestion: My daughter, age 15 and a sophomore is starving herself in fit into a ultra skinny prom dress prom. In addition she’s going with an senior boy who she barely knows. I’m very concerned about the whole thing. Any advice?

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8 Tips for Helping an Anxious Child through MCAS, PARCC

Stressed StudentStandardized testing has been used for decades now. First instituted in 1993, the MCAS (Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System) is the statewide standards-based assessment that tests students’ knowledge of the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. Back then it really didn’t mean anything, to students and parents anyway. Today our statewide-standardized test has a whole different feel.

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6 Strategies to Help Parents Communicate About Sex

154670-158583There’s no longer the one big talk when communicating about sexuality with children.

The one-time birds and the bees discussion is a thing of the past. Research indicates that parentswho talk to their children at younger ages about sexuality de-stigmatize the topic and have more influence over children’s sexual behavior as they get older.

Here are 6 strategies to help parents talk about sexuality with their children:

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4 Areas of Challenge for All Teens Today

middle-adolescenceIn the age of technology and social media never before has it been more important for parents to understand teenage brains and how they function. Teen age brains are plagued with impulsivity and reactivity; not a good combination for making smart choices about drugs and alcohol, social media,time management and sexuality. Lack of strong executive functioning skills results in teenage brains producing unrealistic thoughts. When parents join in with that unreality, they are failing their children.

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