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This holiday is about connecting with family

For many, Thanksgiving has become more of holiday of indulgences as opposed to a time of savoring family moments and traditions. Thanksgiving originated as a celebration of gratitude between the Pilgrims and the American Indians. Two diverse groups joined together as a way of sharing their good fortunes and giving thanks to each other.


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Firm Boundaries Help Parents During the Holidays

bigstock_afro-american_family_celebrati_6414714-1With the holidays nearly upon us, families often spend more time together than is typical throughout the rest of the year. During all that family time, individual and family needs mix, and it is more important than ever to keep personal boundaries intact. And yet, it’s also the time when people are most vulnerable to boundary violations. 

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Managing Family Stress During the Holidays

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 2.04.01 PMOne of the wonderful things about summer ending is that the holidays come fast, especially in New England. One day you’re wearing shorts and the next you are buying Christmas presents. For many of us with children, the holidays start with Halloween and extend past Christmas.

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