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8 Tips for Enjoying Snow Days While Managing Technology

techsnowStudents have missed anywhere from five to 10 days of school in the past three weeks and now they are have a planned February vacation with another five days off.

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Q&A: How to Respond to Complaints of Physical Pain

Girl-with-Stomach-Pain“My 11-year-old daughter often complains about physical pain. Her pain is often in her joints after sports or in her stomach before sports and school. We’ve had her checked by the doctor and there is nothing medically wrong with her. These complaints increase in the winter. Do you have any ideas what’s causing them and why they are worse at this time of the year?”

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9 Cool Parenting Tips to Combat Winter Doldrums

parentwinterWinter is here in full force. Just this week we had sub-zero temperatures and many schools were closed. My older clients have said that it’s not like it used to be when kids bundled up to endure the harsh elements. Today, many families justify staying indoors when it’s cold because it’s easy to distract kids with video games.

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